Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wedding caricature design

Illustrated a caricature for my good friend Ricky on his wedding. Done in adobe illustrator, a simple vector caricature.. I am not that good of an illustrator but trying my best to master illustrating a person's face.

see illustration

Simple design work to help friends

Designed a simple tarpaulin for my crush and good friend Anna Marie, happy with the great achievement shes done last year (passing the 2016 Bar exam). Shes no ordinary woman, shes my dream girl.

see tarp design

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Glamour Shot photo retouch

I have also experimented on skin tone editing, once again I have my good friend Gayle as one of my subjects.

See samples below

Photo retouch work of 2017

Its been almost 3 years since my last doing a photo editing work. Anyway, meet my new client Gayle. Shes my colleague and I've been happy having her as one of my subjects on my recent showcase on my portfolio.

see photos - Before and After