Saturday, August 28, 2010

this is what I wanna do

Presenting - The Team Extra Rice!

With the hectic workload that I have, I know (they know) I am a busy man.

Recreation, for me, is just a waste of time.

But I will always find it easy to rush to any basketball court where my best peers play at, join a league where my best peers are in, and conquer like a beast in the courts where we gave our best performance, fueled by teamwork and cheers.

I only need to feel the thrum of the ball's intensity on my palms, and I know I'm on for hours.

Basketball is more than a sport. Basketball is fuel and life. Basketball is not a waste of time.

Game No. 4 is just hours away. I can't wait.
(Our Team, Extra Rice will be playing tomorrow at 8am, Beverly Hills BC)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bad News:(

My Laptop has been dead for almost 3 weeks. I've been unproductive for almost a month since I cant work my deadlines and sidelines without my laptop. Yesterday, I received a package from the Sony VAIO service center. This was btw the mboard of my laptop which was destroyed. They told me that the board costs 21k plus in peso for the replacement and repair. :( :( :(

God Help Me...