Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hackintosh guide v 0.5a cebuano

Thanks to for the guide.
The hackintosh community phils. :
And to the iATKOS development team for providing the hacked iso.DVD

Jay-R Lim para sa iyang pag B.I.
Jessie Warain - Waratech Consultant
and to PC Gilmore, San Juan para sa early na pagdeliver nilas PC parts
na akong gi-order.

"I work as a designer and kailangan kaayo nako ang mac 100% 24/7. instead mupalit ko ug mac, why install OSX in a pc"

sa mga ganahan musunod, this is the guide:

before risking anything, please follow this guide*

1)Life Hacker Guide

2)make sure na ang pc specs mo ay almost compatible sa gihatag sa site(link provided sa #1)

3)Use a spare hard disk for the OSX installation, if you're hard disk is partitioned with a windows XP OS on it, install leopard in a different partition(not with the xp-installed partition, it might ruin your current running OS installed)

my specs used:

Video Card: Geforce 7300GT 256mb
Mboard: Asus p5w dh dx
Processor: Intel core 2 duo 2.4 ghz
Hard disk: seagate sata 160gb
and a hi-speed dvd-rom(I recommend samsung dvd-r/rw)

(*dapat SSE3 na pc/and intel based na cpu. Im not sure pa if muwork siya sa AMD, refer lang mo sa

for the installation dvd isearch sa mga torrent site ang iATKOS v2.0i na iso,
for sure naa jud ni siya kay mao ni akong gidownload.

boot the iATKOS installation DVD, and Congrats Leopard is already installed via Hackintosh.

for questions, feel free to ask me -- *your lifehacker, barbar :D

goodluck everyone!

Join Humble Voice

For those artists who're tierd of deviatnart or virb, try this site :D With a simpler interface and easy to understand feats. :)

Humble Voice is a community of artists and those who appreciate them.
Get connected to the best new music and art. Register for free today. Soon you'll be doing stuff like this

Alternate solution for hakintosh

EFiX is the best solution for installing and using Mac OS X on your PC.
It allows its user to install Mac OS X straight from the original DVD without having to worry about patches,
replacing files and anything like that.
That means you can buy a regular PC, Mac OS X and EFiX and enjoy what the Mac users have always enjoyed:
unmodified Mac OS X on your computer, safe, easy and fast, exactly the way it should be.

The development of EFiX took a lot of time.
During the development phase, we had to deal with various problems, including sabotage.
This process also involved testing, which has been conducted for the last 6 months in production environments.
Industry leading professionals(who work for TV stations, recording studios and many others) rely on EFiX and Mac OS X running on standard PC hardware to get their tasks done.

EFiX is in the final testing phase.
All the testing has went far better than what we expected and the testers have given positive feedback.

We have planned to release it on 23rd of June, 2008. More information will be added soon.

Baguio Photoshot

My new model Gretchen and and I'll be placing her for my June edition of my digital photocalendar cover. Super thanks Ms. Gretch.

These are the current models in ff. calendar.
Jan - Joan
Feb - Mitch
Mar - Prish
April - Gladie
May - Gryka
June - Gretch

Thank you very much for supporting me for my photofolio. Godbless :)

Aperture 2.0 in Hackintosh

Hoooraaayy!!! I was able to run Aperture 2.0 in my Hackintosh. Working 100 %.
The Only requirements is for your graphic card enabled feature w/c is the QE/CI.

Q.E. = Quartz Extreme
C.I. = Core Interface

more screenshots Here

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Monday, June 02, 2008

Youthopia Media Site launched

Yup I made our company website and it was published last week. Bad thing is our company logo, its ugly.

Leopard OSX for PC

I tried hacking Mac OSX to run on pc and it was sucessful. Installation guide available at my multiply site. Before risking anything, again you must read the guide.
Visit the installation guide page