Sunday, March 22, 2020

Bored during NCOV Quarantine, I’ll just do design work then (at home)

It’s been a long time since my last writing a design blog. The truth, I was very busy lately being a full-time designer and at the same time, a freelancer. No luck also lately that we had a global Corona virus outbreak and everyone is on a lockdown, quarantined and forced to do work at home.

Despite that I have limited resources here at home, I have tried my best to do design work even to the best of the quality I can provide. Limited resources in a sense that I have no adobe design software at home and internet here sucks as well.

Anyway, just recently my good friend from UK who owned an IT company hired me to do a redesign job for his company’s website. This will be my first time doing a project that I am gonna applying a UX process, from analysing the information needed to be placed on his site, doing the wireframes, the high-fidelity and etc. It was an honour since my friend trusted me to do this from end-to-end, though I haven’t finished them but somehow on the development of my output is looking good. A big thanks to my experience here in working in ACN, this helped me improve as a UX Designer.

I will post the update of this project soon.