Saturday, August 28, 2010

this is what I wanna do

Presenting - The Team Extra Rice!

With the hectic workload that I have, I know (they know) I am a busy man.

Recreation, for me, is just a waste of time.

But I will always find it easy to rush to any basketball court where my best peers play at, join a league where my best peers are in, and conquer like a beast in the courts where we gave our best performance, fueled by teamwork and cheers.

I only need to feel the thrum of the ball's intensity on my palms, and I know I'm on for hours.

Basketball is more than a sport. Basketball is fuel and life. Basketball is not a waste of time.

Game No. 4 is just hours away. I can't wait.
(Our Team, Extra Rice will be playing tomorrow at 8am, Beverly Hills BC)

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