Friday, January 22, 2010

iTravel iExplore's website Launched!!

For 2 months of working for this project, now the website has been launched

About itravel:

"iTRAVEL, iEXPLORE Tours & Services

TRAVELS are always very personal. It shows a voyagers personal preference and lifestyle.
To EXPLORE is to seek the deeper meaning in every travel. It is the reason.
Thus, TRAVEL and to EXPLORE is the ideal blend of every journey. It’s combination is a science -- gratification comes when the beauty of the destination satisfies the sophistication of one’s expectation.
It is the commitment that iTRAVEL, iEXPLORE pledges to its clients."

for those who are interested to book, visit their website:

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Unknown said...

wow! thanks mike! i really love the website!=)