Monday, December 02, 2019

Transition to User Experience Design

How it all started
My background was in graphics designing and I have spent 4 years preparing for a job as a UX designer. This includes studying new skills that were required for the role and preparing a new design portfolio that shows the type of output that is about. Even though that I have undergone a very long time of training, my role in the company I worked was still in an associate level despite I was a senior designer on my previous job. It was a good thing though that I have a good mentors that helped and guided me to become one of the good UX designers in my team right now.

What made me enjoy UX Design
I realize that it was not designing alone that made me love UX design, it was the other skills and roles that you do when you are a UX designer. There can be up to 3-4 roles that u can do as a UX designer (Visual Designer, Interaction Designer, Researcher, and Information Architect) and I enjoyed doing all of them.

With the continuous change in technology, UX/UI design is highly in demand to help develop innovative products for users. And also, big companies are creating products that will help ease internal tasks. The reason why many graphic designers are willing to make a transition to UX design roles. Also, UX designers are highly paid compared to a regular designer.

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